My  Purpose - To encourage hope in real life

Jesus said He came so that we would have life in abundance and also, that we would have trouble. One does not cancel out the other. So how do we navigate this 'real life' well? What do we do when all our dreams don't come to fruition? I have lived more years without Jesus than with Him and because of this I have been able to see both sides of the story and believe I have found which side of the fence has the greener grass.

Finding Jesus showed me how life can be with Him, compared to how I was doing without Him.  My mission is to remind everyone of the power found in an 'earth-time' relationship with Jesus.  Here and now, interacting with Him on a day to day basis! He speaks to me, carries me, clears my vision, and gives strength when I'm sure none will be found.  I want to encourage you that he will do the same for you!

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Let all you do
be done with

1 Corinthians 16:14

I will hope in

Lamentations 3:24

Hold tight to
the deep longings
of your heart

Bobbie Houston

Way finders go a different way to most; they are following the Way Maker

ann Voskamp
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The Time is Now

I wonder if you think about whether God could or would use you? Do you question how? The Time is Now, is a prophetic word from God, a call to believers, to get to work. God has a plan and purpose for everybody’s everyday story. How your life shines Jesus will aid in preparing the bride for His return. You are called to participate in making a way for Him.

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God Whispers

Did you know you are the world to God?

What if I told you, "You are the world to God"? Would it help you believe you have all you need to take the next step in what he has planned for you? Well, you are, so let's chat about that.
Apr 8, 2022
Nicci Toomey
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Stuck But Not Alone

This is going to be an honesty moment and my hope is, that within my honesty, you might find some space to breathe. I have been stuck for about three months now. I have been stuck for about three months now. Not completely bogged but definitely spinning my wheels a little ...
Mar 24, 2021
Nicci Toomey
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God Whispers

Hope Found

Later that same day I had an experience I can only describe like this … I felt as though someone had reached out to me, in my mind, tapped me on the shoulder and caused me to look back to that moment in my day. As realisation set in, tears welled in my eyes. Not a flood of hopelessness, like in the church car park, but in fact the opposite, a tsunami of hope.
Dec 24, 2020
Nicci Toomey