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" On occasion they are found in bright blue skies but, you know the brightest rainbows are found after the storm "

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I'm a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and Jesus follower

Hi I'm Nicci,

I am a Mum to three gorgeous children, Michael, Abbey and Lucy.  Each one gives me a run for my money in the 'motherhood stakes' – you could say life has not been dull. Cameron is my adoring husband, who has an amazing story of his own to tell, and together our life has given us much joy, love, laughter and grief – certainly, our fair share of grief. 

Discovering Jesus at the age of 36 opened up my world, allowing me to look at my life through a different lens.  At that time, devastated dreams had me wishing for an end, but suddenly I was able to look into my future with hope.

My life is far from normal, some may say absolutely abnormal, but I find God shows up in it every day.  Through the good, the bad and the down right heart-breaking, He is there giving me a new way of looking at things, whispering to me, “We’re in this together.”

Over the last 15 years I have been learning what it means to walk through life with God.  Early on in my faith walk I discovered a Holy Spirit who interacted with me on a daily basis. An inaudible voice I somehow could hear, one that would comfort me and sometimes send me out to comfort others. The first six years of my faith life saw me embark on an exciting adventure with Jesus, each day wondering where He would lead me and what we would do next!

The next four years, after moving our family interstate, I wondered if He had moved with me. I felt an emptiness or maybe a quietness that wasn’t there before.  I think in the beginning I thought it would be just like it had been, but here in this new environment I felt something like a cap had been put on my spirit; or more precisely His.

I came to the conclusion that all my experiences of faith were just that, personal experience and it became important to me to understand God through the quiet times also. So, I set out on a quest to enrich my head knowledge.  I enrolled in night classes at our church and then spent two years at Hillsong College completing a Cert IV in Ministry. 

What I have learned, in a nutshell is this: the journey of life was never meant to be walked alone.  Jesus came, died and rose again so we could have a life in relationship with God.  That there is a Father in heaven, ready and waiting to be invited in for the ride. 

I feel called to tell everyone about the power found in an ‘earth-time’ relationship with Jesus.  He speaks to me, carries me, clears my vision and gives me strength when I am sure none will be found.  That life with Him is an absolute adventure no matter your circumstances; that beauty absolutely can be brought to life from ashes.

He told me once, "I will use your story" and I guess that is exactly what He is doing. I am arms-wide-open-ready for all He will call me to do and I want to encourage you to be the same. This life is an adventure none of us should miss out on!

My Real life

Rainbow Moments to Real Life

When I began blogging ten years ago it was for fun and, if truth be known, self-counselling. It began with me blogging regularly, stopping each day to find my ‘rainbow moment’ and sharing it with you. 

Now, I guess as my faith has matured the blog has too.  

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" Nicci recently spoke at a Women’s event at our church. Nicci shared such a beautiful, honest, real story of her faith journey. Her message was based on John 3:30 “He must become greater & greater, I must become less & less”. Nicci is a gifted speaker but this is combined with such a warmth that you instantly feel connected. The question and answer time at the end of the session gave an opportunity for the women to dig a little deeper & Nicci shared with such openness & honesty about the hard & joyful things in life! We were so blessed to have her! "

Hope Community Baptist Church, Burpengary QLD

"Nicci shared her story at our Gala Dinner in 2021 and inspired everyone in attendance with her courage and tenacity. She is a woman of incredible compassion and dedication, who knows what it is to put practical legs on love. She daily lives what she believes and inspires all who are privileged enough to cross her path."

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What if I told you, "You are the world to God"? Would it help you believe you have all you need to take the next step in what he has planned for you? Well, you are, so let's chat about that.
Apr 8, 2022
Nicci Toomey
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God Whispers

Hope Found

Later that same day I had an experience I can only describe like this … I felt as though someone had reached out to me, in my mind, tapped me on the shoulder and caused me to look back to that moment in my day. As realisation set in, tears welled in my eyes. Not a flood of hopelessness, like in the church car park, but in fact the opposite, a tsunami of hope.
Dec 24, 2020
Nicci Toomey

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