Rainbow moments to real life

When I began blogging ten years ago it was for fun and, if truth be known, self-counselling. It began with me blogging regularly, stopping each day to find my ‘rainbow moment’ and sharing it with you. 

Now, I guess as my faith has matured the blog has too.  

The question I feel compelled to address is, “How do we take our faith and transfer it into our ‘real’ life?” Not just church-on-Sunday faith but day-in-day-out faith into, not ‘life’s great’ days but 'real good' days and 'real bad' days as well. 

The short answer, I believe, is – together.  So, I’m hoping that is what this blog does, brings us together and reminds us we are not alone.

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God Whispers

Did you know you are the world to God?

What if I told you, "You are the world to God"? Would it help you believe you have all you need to take the next step in what he has planned for you? Well, you are, so let's chat about that.
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